#3 Amity

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When Amity was a little girl, she had no idea what she was going to be when she grew up. And when she grew up, she found herself drifting as aimlessly as she had played when she was a kid. She failed out of her junior year of college and started hitchhiking across the country. When she reached one end, she decided to walk back herself.

At some point during the hitchhiking part of her journey, Amity began to realize that something was different about her. She didn’t consider herself to be particularly clever, or even deserving of any fortune that might fall her way. But yet that luck continued to befall her, sometimes in completely ridiculous ways. When a lonely trucker decided he deserved some physical compensation for giving her a lift, the truck was immediately stopped at a random checkpoint and the trucker arrested on an outstanding warrant for 64 unpaid parking tickets. When a mugger cornered her in a dark alley, the sewer lid beneath his feet exploded upward from a freak steam pressure backup in the sewers below, sending him bouncing between the brick walls long enough for Amity to escape. And on top of those crazy occurrences, she always got where she was going, she was always fed, and she always found somewhere warm to sleep.

Amity knows, deep-down (although the rational part of her tries to deny it) that she has something special, be it ridiculous luck or a guardian angel, but she can’t figure out why. So rather than fuss over it, she continues wandering from city to city, seeing the country while waiting to find her true purpose. She’s pretty confident she’ll live that long, at least.

A willowy girl with little shape besides ‘stick’, Amity stands about 5′ 6” with mousy brown hair chopped in ragged layers shoved beneath a baby blue winter cap with matching pompom adornments. She wears an ill-fitting t-shirt topped with a long knitted vest, along with baggy pair of denim shorts and mismatched knee-high socks. Her eyes, usually hidden behind her bangs, sparkle bright blue whenever she’s actually interested in something, which actually isn’t all that often in the first place.


(Fell way behind – didn’t have time for sketches and then things didn’t get written down and so on…so I’m skipping the illustrations and just writing things down. Will be posting multiples over the next few days to catch up, sorry for the spam!)

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