#17 – Willie The Cyborg Elf

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#17 – Willie The Cyborg Elf

Willie the elf was just an average worker on the toy assembly line. One day, the machine he was watching that built toy robots went haywire and sucked him into its manufacturing core. Before being saved by the Elf Safety Squad, half of Willie’s body was transformed to robotic circuitry.

Now, only half elf, he is feared by many on the assembly lines and in the lunch hall. Willie was going to quit the business and venture out into the world, but Santa had other plans. Realizing that Willie’s part robotic brain was perfect to help bring gift giving technology into the future, Santa created the North Pole Computerization and Robotics division. Willie was made chief assembly technician and head of the Research Division.

Santa needed to move his operation into the future and he finally found the most important thing on his list. Willie has become a key component in keeping North Pole operations cutting edge.

This picture was drawn and colored by my talented son JT who knew I needed a break from all the art I’ve been creating this month.

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