#20 – Angie Gallagher

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Five years ago, Melina Terrano was the hottest name in celebrity society. She made news nearly every day for her outrageous rich-girl antics. From a DUI on her 16th birthday to a two-week marriage when she was twenty, and two sex tapes, to say nothing of the reality TV shows, self-published magazines and fashion lines, there was nothing Melina Terrano could do that wouldn’t make the news.

Including disappearing completely.

After gaining a flash of insight into her shallow, meaningless life, Melina fled her California estate and headed east. She ended up in the small town of Fairport, TX. She changed her name to Angie Gallagher, put on some weight, and started a new life. For years she worked in the Fairport Library, finally having found something that she could do to help others.

Following a terrible fire in the library (see #10 – Sean Messinger), she is put in charge of a fundraiser. Her promotions attract the attention of a celebrity news website, who are eager to be the first to break the story of what happened to Melina Terrano. Whether she wants it or not.

Read her story here: Spotlight

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