#23 and #24 – Mister Neat and Mister Tidy

| November 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

I grew up on spooky English shows where budget’s were pretty non-existent and the props people had to be inventive. For some reason this made the ordinary always seem more unusual for me.

I was channel a combination of Roger Hargreaves Mr Men books and the television show Sapphire and Steel on this one – and Jonathan got the vibe instantly!

The art is from an unused page in issue one of The Hero Code – something which was re-worked and dropped, but might make it’s way into a future issue.




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  1. Very often, it’s not the design, but the concept behind the characters that attract me. I love these two on concept alone, but the designs are kitschy (and therefore attractive) too.

  2. jamiegambell says:

    Thank you – they are a really creepy pair to write, so I’m hoping I do get to use them at some point.

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