#24 – Patrick

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Patrick is Stanley’s older brother.  After training hand to hand combat with a combat master, he returns to his home to find out that his brother has found a sword out in the middle of nowhere.  Not surprised by this, Pat thought his brother would simply use it to fight against evil monsters and wizards that would try to take sword for their own goals.


…To his own shock, Stanley plans on returning the sword to its original owner, whoever it may be, and he believes that the only way to do so is to wander around and ask people of importance who the sword belongs to.  Pat fears that this may lead to his little brother’s death, so he enlists the aid of his two closest friends, Danny and Linda, to supervise Stanley and protect him from any harm if necessary.


Due to his methods of supervision and defense, Patrick may come off as a bit overprotective.  However, he values the safety of his little brother.


Patrick is approximately 25 years old.

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