#25 SylkWyrm

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The strange pupa hung from the branch, longer and thinner then any Raejean had ever seen.

It’s green and violet surface shimmered in the afternoon sun, and she was immediately attracted to it.

An independent girl, Raejean was known for taking long treks in the woods when her chores were complete.  The sun was low in the sky, splashing the clouds with red and orange and casting long shadows in deep blue before she was missed.

Her father found her in the fading light-  He tore open the wheat white cocoon and lifted her out, never noticing that she gripped something in her hand, hidden still in her cloak.

She awoke when they placed her before the fire, and she since she seemed no worse for wear, she was sent to bed with a bowl of broth.  There were questions to be answered, but for now it was sufficient that she was alright-  The thing to do was to let her sleep while the men stayed up late and told other strange tales of the wood around the fire.

When they had gone from her chamber, Raejean sat up.  She sat at her small table, which her father had crafted for her to practice her letters, and finally pulled her hand from the folds of her cloak.  She placed the long, thin object on the table-  it was a touch duller in sheen now, it’s thin outer surface had flaked off-   Gradually, the insect unfolded itself and stood-  A tall stick insect of unusual form, surprisingly upright when standing, it’s appendages appeared dexterous, it’s eyes clever.

“Hello Raejean,” cooed the warm humming voice only she would ever hear.
“Hello….. Wand.”  She smiled, held out her palm, and the creature stepped into it.


Sylkwyrm is © and TM 2011 Mike Dubisch

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