#9 Magno

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Art by Michael Powell (@mpowelljr)
Words by Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

The Magnos family has been in show business for centuries. Literally. The family name “Magnos” dates back to the middle ages, when they were part of a band of traveling performers. Their speciality has always been magnet and metal themed tricks.

With the proliferation of meta-humans in Ultra City and the rest of the world, Mark Magnos, also known as “The Magnificient Magno” when performing at Silver’s Circus, was the first of his family to come forward with the truth about his magnetic powers: they were no trick, they were real and powerful. In his later years, he had a brief but successful masked vigilante career alongside The Scorpion.

His grandaughter wasn’t old enough to remember his hero stint first-hand but she inhereted the family gift and chose to follow his example, becoming a crime fighter herself.

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Category: 2011, Drama, Scifi, Superhero

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Rolando is extremely excited for 30 character. He has spent most of his time since graduating college in 2002 working the film industry. But his passion has always been storytelling and he is going back to his roots. He can't wait to see what everyone else is cooking.

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