#16 Surfin’ Ghoul

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In the waning weeks of the summer of ’67 in Port Araña , Surfer extraordinaire  Rick Hale was content hangin’ 10 on some totally bodacious hollows brought about by the seasonal changes in the ocean current.

One morning the conditions were perfect for some mondo waves, he grabbed his stick and paddled his way out to the big curls. Feeling confident he decided to try a new maneuver he’d be practicing all summer long, ‘The Tesani Woffie Tailslide’.  He got in prime position and was huggin’ the wall when out of nowhere he got pitchpoled. His board slid out from beneath him and ended up smashing the back of his head rendering him unconscious which ultimately resulted in his drowning.  The cross currents  pulled his lifeless body away deep into the abyss where it encountered a rare school of ‘Reddericus Stomolophus Meleagris’, also known as ‘The Reviving Cannonball Jelly’…

On certains nights, when the moon is right, you can possibly spot the late Rick Hale pulling off some gnar moves in the moonlight.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Horror

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