#17 Munson

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The de facto leader of the trio that became known as the “Big Bad 3,” Munson is a bad man. Few people know where the truth ends & the lore begins, but not a lick of it’s nice. That being said, nobody has as many miles under their belt as him. That gives him status. So don’t mess with him, or he will cut you down like the scores of others.


The original antagonist of the samurai trucker tale & the last of the three. I’m not thrilled with his look as it’s not nearly intimidating enough. I want him to be this Akuma like figure of evil power. Down right scary. The coveralls & samurai armor I like, just not for him. But whatever, I needed to start somewhere. I think I might swap & give him swords & Skaggs the naginata. Anyway, be on the look out because I hope to get back to work on that story shortly.

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