#28 – Elvynn

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The Lyncii, when they were discovered by the humans and the Ekros, were thought to be a primitive people at first. However, it was discovered that the Lyncii are actually very intelligent – vastly more logical and factual than any known creature in the universe. They had discovered and observed laws of the universe that had never been even dreamed of by the humans and Ekros. They are adaptable and they learn things very well… but they lack an ability to innovate. Their arts are stale and repetitive, they lack an ability to connect with the magic arts, and their technology development is slow and unpromising, after thousands upon thousands of years of civilization. So an exchange of knowledge occurred between the alien races – the Lyncii shared their scientific discoveries, while the humans and the Ekros shared in their advanced technology and infrastructure. The Lyncii’s standard of living improved drastically since, but they’re looked down upon as dim-witted creatures who leech upon the success of others.

One notable of this race is a historian named Elvynn, a middle-aged Lyncii with a small family. The Lyncii, thanks to their strong memories and observation skills, make wonderful historians and scientists. Elvynn does have a slight bit of a creative mind to him, but to a Lyncii, a small smidgen of creativity is a rarity and a blessing upon blessings. Elvynn, anyway, is more concerned about studying history than he is about creating things. He trails around parties, giving helpful advice and interesting facts about battles of old. He doesn’t quite consider himself a professional, but more of an enthusiast. His knowledge is vast, and he’s an excellent cartographer. Exploring is one of his greatest passions on top of history, and he teaches many of all kinds of races along his travels. He returns home every few months to his family, then sets off again on the next great adventure.

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