30 Characters Challenger: Ed Spradley

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Why am I doing this?  I have to be insane.  It’s not like I have the time.  One character in one day, maybe.  But for thirty days straight?  I can’t even stick to a diet or exercise for thirty days straight.  Too much of  “life” seems to always get in the way.  At least that sounds like a pretty good excuse, right?

“If something’s important, you make the time.”  (Thank you CAPT Montgomery Scott for that bit of wisdom)

I’m a dreamer who wants his feet to join his head in the clouds.  I’m the geekiest mind amongst my friends and family but don’t even measure up to the average geekiverse citizen.  And I’m a writer who only writes inside the safety of his own head.

Who I am, where I’m from, and what I do may be simple questions.  But my answers are a little too complicated.  At least that’s what my wife tells me.  My name is Ed Spradley.  I grew up in the wonderfully weird town of Austin, TX.  And I’m going to write 30 characters in 30 days.  (God help me.)

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