#1 King Golem

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Name: King Golem
Species: Golem
Age/Sex/Race: 578/Male/N/A
Main Goal: To perfect the formulae of golem creation.
Occupation: Wizard/Master Craftsman
Motivation: Obsession with perfection.
Inner Need: Perfection in all things.
Flaw: Pedantic and worries too much. Overly critical of self and others.
Good/Bad Habits: Never cuts corners or takes the easy way, but is also critical of others to the point of rudeness.
Secret: The gem on his chest holds his soul, and if it is broken, he’ll die. This includes all details of his former life, and the fact that he had one.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: A wizard of legendary power and knowledge. Extremely skilled in the craft of golems.
Quirks: Polishes his metallic body excruciatingly and reacts with anger to anyone marring or dirtying it.
Attitude: Cold, gruff.
Dialogue Style: Terse, strictly logical, gramatically flawless.
Backstory/Description: King Golem was once a dwarven wizard who would occasionally craft golems for use in his clan’s mines. Although the golems he crafted were very productive, he could only see the flaws in them, and strove to improve each consecutive one. One day, however, tragedy struck when one of his golems went berserk due to a tiny flaw in its creation. It killed four miners before it could be destroyed, after which King Golem was cast out of his clan. So great was his shame that he swore he would never again speak his dwarven name and he would never make another mistake as long as he lived. He carved out a secluded laboratory deep in the earth and labored on perfecting his golems until he grew old. Still unsatisfied with his golems and running out of time, he boldly modified his golem animation formulae to bind his soul into one. He has since lived for centuries in this form and has expanded his laboratory into a vast system of subterranean mines staffed by his scores of golems.

Alright, here’s number one. This has been my internet handle for years, but I’ve never drawn him or presented him as a character, though I have thought of it.

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