Day 1: Captain Cavity

| November 1, 2010 | 5 Comments

Category: Superhero

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  1. Bobby Timony says:

    I thought I was gonna invent the hero who fights bad odors!

    • Jess Kirby says:

      Uh, this just came to me last night while I ate a whole bag of Halloween candy! Don’t worry, the stinkers are coming!

  2. Bobby Timony says:

    Ahhhhh… that’s okay! I’m just teasing.

  3. Jande Rowe says:

    Heh. Wouldn’t he be Capt. Anti-cavity? ;`) Pretty cool dude and I like his superhero look. Does he brush down the tongue he’s standing on for an extra stipend? Fun Character!

    • Jess Kirby says:

      Well, I didn’t really think him that well through. He came to me during a sugar induced high from all the Halloween candy I ate last night.

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