#1 [Unnamed villain]

| November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Originally, my first entry was going to be an existing character of mine, along with the excuse that I may not find time to come up with original characters for this event. I would further rationalize this by reasoning that, heck, nobody’s ever seen my characters anyway, so they’re new to everyone but me. But then, out of nowhere, I started doodling this guy (no pencils, straight pen – hence the sloppiness). So he suddenly became my first entry. And yes, that is a clear dome full of sand as his head. Not sure where that came from.

[update: changed link from twitpic to skitch]

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I'm a guy who was a cartoonist in high school and college, dropped out of college, entered the workforce and forgot he was a cartoonist -- for 20 years. I'm now trying to reconnect with my creative side and see if I can make something happen. I also help organize a local comic & cartoon creators' group, and I organized an October 2012 community drawing event called DRAWtoberfest.

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  1. jim vecchio says:

    You could give him the power to turn people into stone and call him MEDUSA OBLONGATA!

  2. Evan Windsor says:

    Hey Kev! Great to see you getting back on the cartooning horse! I’m excited to see what else you come up with!

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