#02 Papa Hertz

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Grandpapa's Suspender Still Have That Somethin'-Somethin'

My first set of 10 characters are going to be set in America’s late 30′s/early 40′s time period. Lots of Swing music, art deco, greasy spoon diners, ritzy night clubs, gangsters, that kind of awesome stuff.

Bobbi’s boss, the owner of The Golden Cat Club. He insists that everyone call him “Papa Hertz” claiming he’s older than all of them anyway. An immigrant from Switzerland, he’s always seen wearing his grandfather’s suspenders as a lucky charm. (Mrs. Hertz says he even sleeps with them on.)

Papa Hertz treats his staff well (as long as they follow the rules) and pays them fairly. Morale among the staff is generally high in accordance with his jovial attitude and grandfatherly presence, but he has no tolerance for troublemakers or shenanigans within his establishment.

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