#2 The Warriors

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(This is a script I found recently in my records…I have never draw these characters before but they have been bopping around my brain for over 10 years. Does anyone have a better name for the group… I am taking suggestions, I don’t want to use the warriors.)

a.  (Est. Shot) Shot of a beautiful land, Mountains on the horizon to vast meadows of tall grass.

b.  (Full) Monumental rocks dot the plain with unusual, almost human shapes. Set between the rocks lays a meandering path. It is getting dark the shadows are long in the remaining daylight.

c.   (medium) We see four figures silhouetted against the beautiful setting.
“You know this is a trap.” Explained Munashi sarcastically.
“Yeah, I just assumed everybody knew it was?” quipped Iori.

Page 2-3
a.  (Large silhouettes) An army of ghouls stepped out of the shadows of the rocks.
“See,” Iori sarcastically. “Let’s do this!”

b. (Full bottom of 2 pages) Action of the team kicking ass. (Background) Yasu rushes the army of ghouls with his staff and knocks a fat ghoul to the next county. Iori dodges huge bolder thown by a big ghouls  (Iori is jumping over the bolder with his fists glowing) Munashi holds a smaller ghoul in his hands infecting it with his stone worms, as Miniko launches swords drawn into action.

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  1. Anthony Ferrante says:

    Maybe “The Four Winds”? Assuming they’re Japanese.

  2. This is a pretty good lineup shot. I like how each character’s personality is portrayed in each portrait.

  3. Bob Learned says:

    I like “The Four Winds” Anthony… They are in a fantasy area based around the Russian/China/Japan part of Asia. Yasu is definitely Chinese, Munashi is more Japanese, Iori is super Russian, and Miniko was always written as my half-breed outcast.

  4. Very cool! I like the poses and the details you added, Lori’s my fave!

  5. alberto311 says:

    Wind warriors has a ring to it.

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