#1 Shavian Warrior

| November 2, 2010 | 5 Comments

Some funky sci-fi for the people!

I wanted to do something along the lines of Aeon Flux- hence the thong. I was stuck for a gimmick though, so I flipped through Wikipedia until some sort of animal turned up, which was a snail. So I ran with that. I did the background and rough pencils in Photoshop, but I did everything else in Illustrator. I added the Shavian script for some additional sci-fi flair. I hope you like it!

Category: Fantasy, Manga, Scifi

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Dean Rivet (@rivetrivet) is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Portland, OR. He has three imaginary super-intelligent primates and pilots the Blue Lion in his spare time. His official website is www.deanrivet.com and his illustration blog is www.iguanabot.com.

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  1. Very fun! I like the colors and those bug-eyes!

  2. Very clean and awesome. What does the script say? “Shavian?”

    Also glad to see another Illustrator artist here!

  3. KingGolem says:

    A snail theme, eh? That’s weird, ’cause I imagine he’s actually pretty fast. Great design, anyway.

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