#3 Excalibur

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This is a character from my witch story that I have come up with a long time ago.  His name is solely “Excalibur”.  He is a man of mystery really because he really had no mother or father.  They were said that they were from the 1920s trying to take over the world with their magical powers between mortals and witches alike, but when their plans failed they were killed in the battle by the head witch, but he found out that the mother of Excalibur was pregnant with the child so he decided to save the boys life and was actually contained in a “tube” till his birth in 1969.  Raised by the warlock that killed his parents, Excalibur was a bothersome child and gave all sorts of problems to the council but he made friends with a warlock named Ethanial.  Effie, for short, was a horrible warlock and wanted to be more powerful and heard about a secret jewel that would do the thing, but at the last minute he got scared and the jewel went into the blood of Excalibur and he became the most powerful of all warlocks, so he was put into exile along with Effie for considering the idea, but with thoughts he was approved  by God himself and was considered to live his life, but to put his powers to limited, he was chained with cuffs around his legs and arms and was told to have to raise himself as a mortal and would die as one when his time was due.

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    Oh yeah, I remember him! Cool. 🙂

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