#3 Mama Goose

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Mama Goose

Mama Goose is the mother of Gonzo and Zeb. A single parent, she was tough on the kids playing both mother and father. Oddly she played more of the father role with Gonzo and more of the mother role with Zeb, which could account for their differences. Regardless, Mama loves her kids with all her heart, even if they get on her last fraying nerve!

The boys respect and love their mama, but the three don’t always see eye-to-eye, and sometimes that causes… friction. But it’s all good, love conquers all… right?

Mama, in her earlier days, was a model, a dancer, a singer and an artist. She was popular and never wanting for a date. Sweet, ladylike, but strong and outspoken, Mama is a force to be reckoned with and a woman you want on your side. Compassionate and giving to a fault, Mama’s a good person, and both Gonzo and Zeb, as much as they hate to admit it and strongly deny it, are both Mama’s boys.

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