#3 Mitch the Mannequin

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Yeah – I know… I’m behind on my characters and it’s only the first week.  That’s because I’ve been packing for a trip and pulling overtime at work AND writing a script for a comic i recently pitched.  So… been busy.  I’ll be posting #4 and #5 as soon as I can, when i have wifi, after the airplane lands.

Anyway – Character #3 is Mitch the Mannequin.  Mitch spends his days and nights hanging out in the men’s department at Macy’s.  He’s an excellent salesman and always knows how to show off the latest fashions.  Even though the bra mannequins in the intimate apparel section find him to be rude arrogant, commenting that it seems like he’s always got a stick up his ass, he’s actually really nice, once you get to know him.  He’s just quiet, that’s all.


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