#4; MACE

| November 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

Old man MACE. What can I say about him; crazy? Heart-broken? Highly intelligent? Permanent Metal Mace grafted onto his left hand due to an experimental accident gone awry? SHO’ NUFF!!! Mace’s son; The All-American, died in the midst of a less than heroic battle (he was stomped on by a giant Earth Elemental and crushed to death) and since then, Mace has been slipping more and more into a dark place. Eventually he righted himself just long enough to create his new “son”; the andriod version of the All-American.  This actually helped Mace to cope with the loss of his son and set him right to fight crime once again.

Category: Superhero

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Freelance illustrator, comic book artist, spot illustrator, lover of all things comic book and Thrash metal! Operating out of Portland, Oregon and lovin' every minute of it!

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  1. maddog says:

    Sweet Style!I like it!

  2. Awesome design and color choices

    • Thanks Micah! Mace remains one of my favorite characters to this day. I’m hoping to put him into one of my upcoming books. He’s kind of an angry Yoda if you will so he should be a lot of fun to write!

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