#10 Haley “Midnight” Blaire

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Name: Haley “Midnight” Blaire
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 14/Female/White
Main Goal: Get a job as a nurse and get out of her hometown.
Occupation: None/Superhero
Motivation: Fear/Self Interest
Inner Need: Safety
Flaw: Cowardly and will do anything to save herself
Good/Bad Habits: Does all her chores and studies well, but is too afraid to say something that might offend someone, even if they totally deserve it.
Secret: Her powers and those of her cousin Roskus and the fact that some of her male family members have been making sexual advances on her.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Has psychic powers like flight, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, ESP, and teleportation, but they all come and go sporadically. Very good at housework like cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.
Quirks: Keeps a can of pepper spray on her person, despite her powers.
Attitude: Shy
Dialogue Style: Quiet, slow, thick Southern drawl.
Backstory/Description: Haley Blaire was the youngest of four children growing up in a trailer park to two redneck parents. The four children were always responsible for all of the housework around the family’s trailer, but Haley usually ended up doing most of it due to her shy, submissive personality. When she started to develop, several male members of her family, cousins mostly, began to make sexual comments and advances on her. She resisted by becoming even more withdrawn. Fortunately for her, when she was fourteen she discovered that some combination of poor breeding, polluted water, and pure dumb luck had given her psychic powers. She kept them a secret until her mind reading powers allowed her to sense that one of her cousins, Roskus Miller, was similarly gifted. She told him her secret, and at his urging agreed to join him in becoming super heroes, taking on the name of “Midnight.”

Yeah, this was the third “catch up” picture I did, so it’s kind of sloppy (sloppier, rather). I’ll probably do her cousin/partner tomorrow.

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