#8 Dr. Bling

| November 10, 2010 | 6 Comments

Another hero! Malcolm will be the ‘team leader’, so-to-speak, of a group of mutant teens. Their powers, including Malcolm’s, are brand new to each of them. Learning to deal with their bizzare abilities and deal with their rough lives will be their biggest challenge. Cool idea with a lot of rough edges. Could be something pretty solid with some more brain storming.

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  1. Chad Welch says:

    Love this, Gary! I really like the Kirbyspots highlighting the transition from flesh to the bling armor. Great stuff man, top notch art. 🙂

  2. King AdBeck says:

    This is lively and fun – exactly what superhero comics should be! I’ll bet he looks awesome when he’s fully blinged out.

  3. Doctor Bling, I love it!

  4. JoeCook says:

    I can see the endorsement deals now! Another good one Gary.

  5. Very cool. I love how well the diamond coloring turned out. Phenomenal

  6. Listerart says:

    Thanks for all the compliments, gang! I think I drew and re-drew this guy ten times. He wanted to fight the whole way but I finally got him to cooperate! More fun to come!

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