#12 Iblis

| November 14, 2010 | 6 Comments

Lucifer? Taught him everything he knows.

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Category: Fantasy, Horror

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Co-creator of RELAUNCH, AZURE for DC Comics, Artist on GRIMM for Dynamite, Marvel storyboarder, illustrator of books and covers, concept artist, creative director... Boxer owner.

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  1. zsabreuser says:

    Flame stockinssss!! Awesome stuff, Dan!

  2. saulone says:

    Thanks Al! I think this one was a bit rushed but I’ve gotta move on…behind by 2!

  3. Gregory says:

    It’s not the flame, but the smoke I find most compelling about this one- it has an illustrated, magical feel, and a great flow to it.

    • saulone says:

      Thanks Gregory! When I rush it, it tends to take on that storybook feel…I don’t really scrutinize the anatomy or the background but kind of go with the flow and don’t let the brush leave the paper. Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to hear that it still works 🙂

  4. Chris Tupa says:

    Awesome! Love the coloring!

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