#14 – Sarah

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Day 14 - Sarah

Sarah the Writer

Sarah is the smartest of the girls and the most well read.  She loves reading and can talk your ear off about almost any topic.  She can come off as a bit of a know it all, but in truth she really does know it all.  If she doesn’t know something she will go out and read a dozen books on the topic, so beware of trying to trip her up with an obscure topic. Conversely, she knows little of trivia and pop culture and considers such topics not worth knowing.  However, she is not just a boring academic scholar.  She has a playful side and can catch you off guard when she plays a practical joke on you or suggests doing something crazy, like dancing in the fountain at the town park. She knows it’s not healthy to read all day long and will often go for long walks to study the world around her.

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