#15 Brotherfury

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The only name anyone has every known him as is Brotherfury, a name given to him by his sensei while he trained with monks in the far east.  The name granted him as Brother Fury for his ferocious fighting style, and unrelenting aggression.  After two decades of training he left the monks and ventured into the wilds, there he was attacked by a pack of wolves.  These were no ordinary wolves, they were Lupine, or werewolves.  He tried valiantly to fight them off, but after being bitten numerous times he passed out, and strangely left for dead, not eaten.  Awaking and soon discovering what they had made him into, he was horrified and immediately went to seek out a cure.  his first stop was to a famous (or infamous) “healer” name Herrick Hildebrand (later to e known as Herrick Soulreaver).  Interested in helping brother Fury, Herrick devised a potion that may either neutralize or destroy his lycanthropy all-together.  The potion was a mixture of poisons, herbs, and quick silver.

Herrick sent the young monk on his way with little hope, but curious interest.  Brother Fury traveled around the realms of Storm Wild taking his tincture once a day with food (as instructed).  Soon, he discovered that the lycanthropy did not go away, rather it afforded him complete and utter control over his shifting.  Changing his moniker to Brotherfury, the lone monk made many friends and many more enemies as he helped those who could not help themselves.  He was summoned to the kingdom of the Eastern Elves, they were curious about him, and wanted to “ally” with him, and utilize his unique talents.  After learning they wanted of him, he vanished and took to the road again.. alone

Not fond of this drawing, but no patience to redo it… this is getting difficult!

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  1. I have to wonder if Herrick (given his second name) has some kind of plan for Brother Fury…

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