#15 – The Goners

| November 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Goners are what they call the poor souls who try to get from here to there, and never make it.

Half way done! This is a lot tougher than I had anticipated. For those who are interested, I’ve been doing the drawings on an iPad, in an app called Sketchbook Pro with a Dagi stylus. It’s been a little bit of a learning curve, but I’m really happy with how they’ve been turning out.



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Category: Horror

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Todd Brabander is a author and freelance artist from Portland OR. Many of his projects are fantasy, post modern, or horror related. His work aims to capture a twisted and often humorous view of the normal world. He has been in several music groups, had his writing published online, and has publicly displayed visual art.

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  1. Oh hey, this came out really well. I dabbled briefly with using a stylus to draw on my ipad more but I haven’t gotten used to it yet.

    In a weird way my first thought before I read the description was that these guys could be some kind of band.

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