#13 Union

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Talented Guitarist who really just cares about the music, but is in a punk band with superpowered political activists.

Union’s got talent. He’s a classically trained musician. He’s one of the best at what he does. Too bad that the only band that will take him is Mein Deutsch Herbst. Lead by Emil, an overzealous sociopath who aspires to being a left wing criminal activist, the music industry, law enforcement, world leaders, & superhumans everywhere are starting to take notice. But Union only cares about the music.

Still, he does have another unique talent. Union was able to practice guitar for hours on end, because he can split into multiple copies of himself. Upon reforming, all of the experiences merge & become one. Each one has it’s own sentience but really, all share the same goals & opinions. There’s been no limit reached as to how many duplicates he can make, however, after the first ten, every copy starts to lose density. There’s a point where each copy starts to become almost ghost like. He (each) also has a bit of a problem focusing once he’s past five copies. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

Also, he can be his own rhythm section.

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