#18 Mikan

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Mikan-chan was always a bright & chipper girl. She had good grades, came from a good family & everything was great. But that was until she was dumped by the boy of her dreams. Broken hearted, the girl with the sunny disposition didn’t know how to cope. She ran away from home. Her destination? Aokigahara, the sea of trees, also known as the Suicide Forest.

Her family tracked her down. A week had passed since she had left & they feared the worst. But she was sitting there, at the edge of the parking lot, seemingly safe & sound, but not quite herself. She’s colder, emotionless, much more robotic. And lately, she’s been coming & going at all hours. Her family has no idea what to make of it.

That’s because she’s been on the prowl. Watching the movements of Yakuza in the nastier part of town. Definitely an environment much rougher than she’s used to. But she’s unphased. Her motives are unclear. But her objective’s pretty apparent: collecting the head of Ikegami Hideo.

Probably drew her a little too stout & emotive. Also she doesn’t look very Japanese but whatever. I like how the rest of it turned out. Didn’t mention it but she has an arsenal of traditional Japanese weapons she seems to have stockpiled. Every time she tries to attack Hideo, it’s something else.

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