#19 Milo

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Milo used to be scared of the monsters in his closet & under his bed. But Milo was a smart kid with resources. He knows a little thing or two about computers & cameras & surveillance methods. That’s how he came across the dirt he came across. You see, a monster by the name of Saul the Goronge used to mortify young Milo. Then one night, after their typical interaction, Milo used his computer to follow Saul’s movements, which were into Milo’s Mom’s closet & into her underwear drawer. Apparently Saul likes to play dress up.

Now, holding a manila envelope labeled “compromising images,” Milo’s reluctantly come to an understanding with Saul. Saul’s now gone rogue. He wards off other monsters in Milo & sometimes even other kids’ closets too. He even got Saul to start taking care of the day to day issues he runs into, like bullies & math homework. Yeah, everything is coming up Milo, for now.

Category: Fantasy, Horror, Humor

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