#20 Saul the Goronge

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

A monster’s no better than a man. Sometimes, a monster has needs. And Saul’s no different.

Sometimes, Saul likes to dress up. That’s not a crime. But he’s worried about what other people might think. Now there’s some jerkweed kid that’s got some “Compromising Images” of Saul. For now, the brat’s trying his patience, extorting him into doing menial tasks for him. Meanwhile, he’s trying his best to snag the incriminating material & get on with his life. Or maybe he could just come to terms with being exposed for what he is. It might be a weight off his shoulders. But until that day, it’s beating up bullies & monsters, & doing math homework (poorly).

Category: Fantasy, Horror, Humor

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