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The twelve.

In 1990’s, in a certain town, a chinese man cursed the first child of each month. The child was born with the head of an animal.

Every woman that was pregnant did fear the curse. They were – of course – worried, that they’d give birth to the first child of the month, ecpecially after the first child was born in January. Before the January’s child was born, no-one knew what the curse would do to the child,but then…
In January, the child was born with a head of a bull. He was otherwise a healthy baby and his mom was lucky that the boy did not born with horns. His dad left after he saw his son, but “the Bullhead’s” mother decided not to give up her strange child, but to raise him. “The Bullhead” got his name after his stubborn grandpa – Kenneth.
Kenneth is quiet and stable, speaks only when he has something to say (not too often). He likes to play chess and to smoke his pipe. He doesn’t really care about other people but no wonder since other people didn’t give him easy times back in the days when he was younger.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the February’s child.





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  1. Knomer says:

    nice, I can’t wait for the tiger

  2. Oooh, a neat story. I can’t wait to see what the other children look like.

  3. tvface says:

    This is amazing! Can’t wait for the rest of the twelve.

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