Day #1- Jared Evrett

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Meet Jared Evrett the most passifist Necromancer you’ll find. Jared grew up in a nobel rich family that did more than just ‘Play’ Cultists. Being brought up raising zombies and gods from hell you might think one might be used to the stench. Jared not so much. Although he knows every chant backwards and forwards he prefers not to participate in the more ‘active’ pursuits of most necromancers. Jared would rather curl up with the Necrocomicon and read it forward to back. He is well versed in many languages as well as several dead ones. He’s not to fond of the common zombie, ghost, or goul and most of the demons, demigods, and gods are too pretentious for him. (Although he himself was raised and acts quite snobbishly) If the man could ever get over his distaste for the dead he could probably plunge the world into a new apocolypse.  It would work pretty well for him since he’s quite the elitist. He also blends in seamleslly with the city’s upper class.

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