Day 1 – The ‘Fallen’ Angel

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Malachy is a former angel who neglected to take a side when the Morningstar defied the Lord, and as such, slunk out of the Heavenly City before he could be pushed, or pulled. Currently he is working in a florist, as he contemplates his existence and what he is going to do. He has been struggling to comprehend the reason for the revolt in heaven for countless millennia, and continues to do so. What will he do when he discovers the true reasoning behind Lucifer’s rebellion?

Tall and thin by human standards, with thinning shoulder-length hair, the years he has spent on the Earth have taken a toll on his appearance, yet he still maintains the angelic beauty of his former life. He prefers basic clothes in plain colours; simple cotton t-shirts and loose fitting trousers.

Rumours of the second coming thrust Malachy head first into a dangerous chase against the hordes of hell for the sake of the boy, and the future of the world.


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  1. phee says:

    If anyone with time or interest wants to put these characters down on paper, that’d be cool.

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