#2: Dahlia

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“AUDIO CASE FILE:  11-1126

Philip Chandler, Chandler and Lo Pan Investigations

SUBJECT:  ‘Dahlia’

‘Dahlia’ is a woman in her late twenties.  She is tall - maybe 5’9”? – with jet black hair down to her shoulders.  She’s well-dressed and, from what I cna see so far, chooses designers and outfits that enhance her figure.

‘Dahlia’ has just recently approached this office to help her recover her memories – she claims that she has severe amnesia, and cannot remember anything about her past.  This includes her full name, her age, where she lives. 

Note  regarding the earlier statement about hair color:  is looks a little too close to true black.  There are no signs of varying shades, which indicates that either her hair has been dyed, or it’s not real.  In either case, finding out the source of this could help in learning more about her true identity.

The earliest memory she has is from four days ago, when she woke up in a hotel suite.  From her description, it sounds as if she was in the Sands, which means she either has money, or she knows – or, frankly, knew – people who do.

She was also able to pay the standard retainer, up-front, in cash.  To date, she has no recollection of how or why she was carrying ten thousand dollars on her.

I have no idea what I can find out, since the thumbprint I took off of her drinking glass after she left didn’t ping any databases.  Everybody’s in at least one database, so who the hell is she?

The good news – for now – is that she came to the office while Xiu-Xiu was out; with her looks and all, he’d have been tripping all over his god-damned self.  Better keep this case close to the vest for now, and not let the two of them meet.  I don’t know what I’d be more afraid of if that happens – Xiu-Xiu spraining his tongue, or Xiu-Xiu embarrassing this whole office.


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