#2: Polarity

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“Everything in the world has static electricity on it, or at least the potential to carry molecules of static. Static’s up there with gravity in omnipresent forces, it’s just so weak we usually discount it. I change that.

I can project a field around me, I think it’s about a 50 yard circle. Everything in it gets a dose of static electricity, and the closer to me you are, the more of it you get. I turn into, basically, a really big rug that rubs on everything around it. But what’s the big deal, so everyone gets a little shock when they touch stuff, what does that mean?

Quite a lot, when you combine it with my other power. I can attract and repel static particles, and I make them a lot stronger in the process. I can pull light objects, like an apple, in from fifty feet, but if it’s right next to me, I can rip through sheet metal like it was sheet cake.

Yeah, you ever seen Star Wars? Picture someone who can use Force pull really well, and none of those other nifty Jedi powers. That’s me.”

-From the journal of Damian Grey

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