#3 – Catala

| November 3, 2011 | 6 Comments

Remember this guy? Well, this is what the women of his race look like. Tall, purple, and willowy.

I didn’t get her completely shaded so I’ll probably replace this image later this evening. She looks a lot better even with the partial shading than without, so I decided to put her up like this.

I should note that in Musia, gender roles are very defined. Women handle most financial matters, men deal with most security and military matters. The two cogs function well as part of a larger whole, resulting in two Musian-led empires in recorded history. That’s why Musian men and women will typically dress and act very differently from each other. It’s almost like they live in two separate cultures.

Musians also have three names, similar to Roman names. They typically go by their “middle” name, with the first being used for formal occasions and the last being how they identify family associations.

I have plans for at least two more Musians (one male, one female), so stay tuned!

EDIT: I realized I left out a word. It should say “she runs a mercantile empire” instead of “she runs a empire”

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  1. JoeCook says:

    As always, I love the color combinations you come up with. Another awesome one.

  2. Jande says:

    I have to agree with Joe. The colours are striking! Nice work. :`)

  3. G.R. says:

    I concur. The color choices are superb. Love the shading on the blond hair. Excellent.

  4. Octrapenny says:

    As stated above, your color choice is excellent.

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