Day 2: Rage

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Full name: Gray/Rage
Alias: N/A
Age: 150
Gender: Male
Allignment: Circle of 5 (Good)
Race: Pure Werewolf
Height: 6’2” (human form), 6’10” (werewolf form)
Abilities: Enhanced agility and strength, claws and sharp teeth, can jump very long distances, able to shift in and out of wolf form at will, increased lifespan. Maintains lesser versions of these abilities in human form.
Personality: Short tempered, loyal, brutish
Bio: Gray is descended from a long line of pure werewolves, commander of the wolf army, and the right hand of the Circle of 5. As a child, his parents were killed during the first war against the Hunters. Although he was too young to enter the army, he trained from then on to fully master his wolf side, journeying to the deep forest to live with the ancestral wolves, where he was taught to harness his fury and hone his body into the perfect weapon.

Upon his return to Wolfhaven, Gray challenged the current Rage of the Circle of 5 for his title. The current Rage was eager to accept the challenge and, with some difficulty, managed to subdue Gray.

However, Rage was impressed at the young wolf’s tactics and offered to take Gray in as his apprentice. Gray, seeking any way to improve his skills, accepted.

After 90 years, Gray had learned all he could from his master and again challenged him. This time, it was Gray who stood victorious. Claiming the mantle of “Rage,” he was welcomed into the Circle of 5.

Appearance: (wolf form) Jet black fur, razor sharp claws, glowing red eyes, very muscular, leather bandolier-esque wrap on chest, barbaric leather covering as bottoms with skull adorned belt. (human form) long black hair, muscular, pale, glowing red eyes.
Notes: Rage is rarely seen out of wolf form, only changing when it has a tactical advantage. He even sleeps in wolf form.

Pure werewolves are the children of two werewolves, whether pure, slave, or mixed. They have the ability to change whenever they want, but cannot leave wolf form during full moons.

Slave wolves are humans who have been turned into werewolves. They lose most of their brain functions, becoming essentially zombies who become slaves for humans. These wolves only change on full moons.


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    Nice one. Gray is an awesome name.

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