# 4 – Jyorn Zenthhfyr

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Jyorn is one of the three antagonists of the “Elementalists” story. I say antagonist because he’s really into a ‘bad guy’ so much as misguided and angry at the world. I won’t go into too many details because giving away his last name is a pretty big spoiler as it is. He is Kendric’s uncle, though Kendric has no idea where he has been for the past ten years, and aside from knowing that he was exiled from Himmerd, Kendric knows nothing else about him. Through happenstance Jyorn meets a wizard-summoner of great reknown by the name of “Drahomir Alexej” who is in good standing with the Queen of Scania. Drahomir takes notice of Jyorn’s ambition and knowledge of the sky island, and sets plans in motion to take advantage of those assets.

A small aside: please forgive some of the spellings. I’ve actually been researching 1400’s and 1500’s middle-europe and the Scandinavian regions for inspiration on this story, and I’ve kept some of the archaic name spellings for flavor. Some names are entirely made up like “Zenthhfyr”, but with words behind them and intent to mimic the ‘sound of pronunciation’ spelling that was common long before the 1900’s

Another aside: It’s amazing how creating villians helps put the rest of your plotline in order! I  LOVE making villians, now! 😀

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