#3 King, the Locksmith

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Once upon a time, there was a town in Kansas.  Seriously.  Kansas.  A town that was not Kansas City or Topeka or Lawrence or Smallville.  And this town, despite being geographically anchored in Kansas (of all places), was quite adrift in time, which caused no end of confusion.  This also caused certain criminal elements in town to be composed of, at least in part, sentient dinosaurs.

King, an albertosaurus, took the name because of the number of people that mistake him for a tyrannosaurus rex.  It might also help that the moniker matches up with the sort of role he sees himself in.  Most anyone engaged in criminal activities around here answers to him; I mean, it helps that he’s the biggest and toothiest of criminals.  Though he’s “a very reasonable creature” by his own admission, his rather morbid predilection for impaling those he dislikes on several ivory spikes – perhaps to suggest his own toothy maw – has earned him a level of Machiavellian respect.

Those who do not wish to invoke his chosen name often called him “the Locksmith”, a nickname which has stuck for years and, like many nicknames, has its origins lost to the mists of time.

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