#7: Paul Mutuus

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Name: Paul Mutuus
Aliases: N/A
Height: 5’3

Weight: 121 lb

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Bio: Paul is the younger brother by 14 minutes to Avery Mutuus. He was born with a physical birth defect, believed to have been onset by his sister crushing him against the wall of the uterus. His left leg is malformed, and Paul has walked with either a brace or a crutch his entire life.

Despite his handicap and naturally small size, Paul excelled at academics, and attended the University of Florence with his sister, whom he is inseparable form. Following the death of their parents in 2010, Paul and Avery joined Operation: At the Gates.

Powers: Paul is a telepath of mild ability. At his most powerful, he can knock his foes unconscious, but his primary ability is to confuse his opponent’s mind or senses. Like his sister, Paul’s powers intensify the closer he is to his sibling. As the two fight as a duo, they are a formidable team when together.

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