Day 12: Miraka

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Character #12, Miraka. She’s the other half to Miranda.

To Miranda, Miraka is like an extra limb. Miraka and Miranda’s souls are connected, and Miraka’s soul is like a growth on Miranda’s. Miraka is in every way inferior to Miranda, and most of the time she’s just puppeted by her. In short, Miraka is Miranda’s “mini-me”. They both have the same mindset and will, as well. Miraka doesn’t need to eat, either, she’s just a limb. She doesn’t really talk much, but if she does, she says what Miranda wants her to say. If Miraka dies, Miranda will be fine, but if Miranda dies, Miraka does too.

Miranda and Miraka work like a tag team in their “business” of hunting. Miraka is surprisingly the brute force. Not exactly “brute”, but like an assassin sort of figure. Sometimes they put on a “little girl looking for her lost puppy” act to draw people in.

For her main half, Miranda, refer to here:

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