14 – Maximilian Mote

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… continued from Character #13, Reine de Chance…


Maximilian, as he prefers to be called, was nearly a straight A student in high school and college, his GPA only hampered by his abysmal physical education performances.  His fanatical love for microbiology ostracized him from the rest of his peers, even those in his field of study.  When he finally pulled his head up from his microscope to look at the world around him he discovered that he was alone in every sense of the word.

Deciding that his intellect was envied by those around him, Maximilian Mote swore revenge for his exclusion from society.  Dr. Mote received a package one morning containing samples of water that was contaminated with an unknown material.  In his research, Maximilian cultivated a little known virus, the same virus that arrived on Earth with the Danaians.  Spooked by his lab assistant, Victoria Timothy, Maximilian dropped the viral culture, spilling it on himself.  In the commotion, Dr. Mote grabbed a lab bench for support putting his hand on the box of water samples.

With a surge of golden energy emanating from Maximilian’s hand the box exploded as a creature grew from within to gigantic size.  What was, moments before, a microscopic tardigrade had become an otherworldly, monstrous water bear that attacked and ate Ms. Timothy, with whom Dr. Mote harbored feelings.  In his rage, Dr. Mote’s hands began to glow and the magnified microscopic moiety returned to its normal, undetectable size.

Maximilian Mote is able to expand microscopic organic material to enormous proportions at will.  While he has tenuous control over these organisms they are largely feral and wreak massive amounts of damage.  In a league with the Wooden Wizard in terms of reality bending absurdity, Mote’s rampages have caused giant viruses and bacteriophages to invade towns and hordes of water bears to tear through a city.

Blaming the world for his loss, Dr. Mote began his reign of terror which has often brought him into conflict with super human beings.  He has an imagined arch nemesis in the Enforcer, who he sees as a jock unworthy of the technology at his disposal.  In addition he has become fixated with Ms. Mercury, who he sees as both a scientific wonder and a woman capable of understanding his intelligence.

Mote’s antics, and that of other powered megalomaniacs, were put on hold with all things extranormal with the appearance of…

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