2011 Day 17 Bracha of Lower City from my Novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 17 Bracha of Lower City from my Novel "Mentor"

Mentor: A science fantasy adventure, by J S Rowe

Bracha, cook and herbalist for the tribe had been cooking slither since before Tarou’s father was born.

In a small tribe like that of the people of Under City, it helps for everyone to know the rudiments of most of the tasks, and to be able to excel at more than one. Bracha was the head cook and herbalist, but he was also a great hunter, or was so in his prime. He took great pride in his hunting accomplishments, and told and retold storied of his own prowess  with great relish, but his greatest pride was in his cooking. He himself had learned at the chopping slab of R’eshka of the one thumb, who had passed to the gods finally only a few years ago. He missed her. She had been a daunting tutor, but because of that he had never  yet, as he liked to joke, poisoned anyone and had even made things like Slither meat palatable. And the breads he conjured from the flour of local seeds couldn’t be improved upon.

He always had a gaggle of children helping him out and learning the ways of herbs and their uses in cooking and healing, though a number of them were often just in the way and under foot. But he was used to it, and welcomed all comers. Just make sure those inconsiderate hunters  are careful where they drop the carcasses. That was all he asked. This was always said with a smile too. For as much as he loved to teach and to cook he loved to tell funny stories and  share a good belly laugh.

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  1. Malveka says:

    Bracha sounds like a very agreeable fellow. It’s fascinating that the inhabitants of the Undercity appears to have developed a tribal style existence that involves living off the land. So, does that mean they are devoid of any Uppercity technology? Or will it be that theirs is a peculiar admixture of the technologically primitive and advanced? Looking forward to finding out!

    Trying to decide if the kid is holding a shovel or some sort of “hammer”…

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