2011 Day 18 a Servo from Upper City in my novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 18 a Servo from Upper City in my novel "Mentor"
2011 Day 18 a Servo from Upper City in my novel “Mentor”

Servo a small utility hover craft that responds to the voice commands of the person who has activated it. Servos can be made of components and schematics normally available at any replicator outlet if there is also sufficient bio synth available.  Components can be swapped out for other components. Servo components can also be modified through modification of the schematics, creating a new schematic. Only tech class citizens have the proper identification protocols to use a Servo, as without the necessary instruction they could be dangerous.

Servo components include laser modules that can be fine tuned by degree to range between high out put for boring holes in metal, to low out put for use as a pointing device, or a safety beacon. In the case of the safety beacon the component can be detatched from the main body of the Servo an placed where needed. It is not advised to do this however until the piece has been keyed down to low level, wide beam laser.

Another potentially dangerous component in a Servo is the sonic burst. If set too high it has the capability to rupture delicate biological parts as well as sensitive electronic equipment. Although it is rarely considered useful a microwave attachment can also be replicated for this device.

Servos can be created with varying classes of artificial Intelligence, Class A being the highest and most autonomous. Class E will follow instructions to the letter and will never make executive decisions in the circumstance where it’s owner has lost the capacity to do so, though this never occurs under the watchful eye of the MAICS.

Servos utilize standard rechargeable power packs, but have the access to othe components to pwer them. These are 1) a small extendable land line with AG 291b power connector, and 2) any number of solar collection devices (see Document LZ429006: Servo Schematics and Components).

Servos can range in size from six inches (used for comm and memory tasks) to thirty-six inches in diameter(for heavy manual labour, such as remodelling walls and hauling components and other equipment. The largest  Servos require that the operator be a Tech Class C or higher. Apprentices do not have the appropriate protocols and may not engage the use of the larger  (class E or D) servos, for their own safety and the safety of others.

Often, a high level Apprentice Tech will be given a specialised servo upon reaching  a high standard of excellence in the profession. This is usually at the descretion of the Master Tech, and is a source of healthy competition among apprentices. The servo as a prize for excellence is a valuable incentive to maintain highest standards of workmanship and safety.

See the list of Servo Schematics and Components available to the various Tech classes in Document LZ429006: Servo Schematics and Components.


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  1. Malveka says:

    Hey! That servo droid is almost as cute as the scut critter. Same kind of beady black eyes, lol.

    Well, well, it seems the Servo could be a very useful companion. Great detail regarding their various classes and how they relate to the various levels of technician.

    Now let’s see, who have we met so far that might be likely to have one of these? Hmmm…

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