#19 – Chaos

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Today’s entry is a villain for my previously posted super hero, Insomniac.  Chaos is to Insomniac as the Joker is to Batman.  She’s her opposite. And she’s absolutely crazy.

Chaos is into anarchy.  But for her, the idea of anarchy is not some kind of punk rocker political statement.  She just thinks order and peace are boring, and enjoys upsetting the status quo.  Much like Insomniac, Chaos is super agile and a very intelligent, side effects of her psychic abilities… Unfortunately, another side effect of her mental powers was that she kind of snapped, and now is obsessed with causing chaos where there is order.

Artist Note: Chaos was the name of a character I created way back in high school, who was also a villain.  For this design, however, I simply took inspiration from the name to come up with a completely different character, quickly and on the fly.



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