18 – The-Many-Who-Are-One

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… continued from Character #17, Mantropolis…


The world was largely unsurprised when the existence of extraterrestrial life became common knowledge.  Reality seemed tenuous at best as American cities could apparently transplant themselves for aesthetic reasons.  If questioned before the visitor made Earthfall, most people would have expected an alien encounter to be very “Hollywood” in nature; a sleek ship descending from the heavens opening to reveal a peaceful alien race looking to befriend Earth and exchange knowledge.  Those people were wrong.

The people of Earth were introduced to life from beyond with a destructive meteoric strike that leveled a five block radius and damaged the United Nations building in New York City.  The large asteroid hovered with a blue glow in center of the impact zone, held aloft by luminescent crystals familiar to the Azure Aviator.  The asteroid shuddered and cracked open.  Amidst a deluge of translucent green goo, a massive horrific figure emerged with one body and many heads.

The-Many-Who-Are-One, as it called itself in grunted English, began a reign of unprecedented terror beginning with holding those in the U.N. hostage.  Through telepathic means the invader took control of the delegates in a bid for global domination, or destruction, its goals were never that clear.  The Five Points of Freedom assembled but were no match for the six acid streaming maws wielded by the elephantine fiend.

Realizing they were unequal to the challenge, the Gold Gladiator called in for support.  He activated the Department of Extranormal Affairs’…

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