19 – Major Ursa & the Constellations

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… continued from Character #18, The-Many-Who-Are-One…

… Constellations under field leader MAJOR URSA!

The appearance of individuals born with extranormal abilities in the wake of the Danaian visitation, and the accompanying alien virus, left the U.S. government with a burgeoning population of superhumans in need of training and direction.  The Gold Gladiator, Senator Trent Day, as the Secretary of Extranormal Affairs founded the Constellations program to help these special youths.  Taught by adult superhumans, who themselves were new the powers game, and military personnel, those enrolled in the program grew into a capable fighting force.  Graduates of the program are issued codenames based on stellar constellations and stars and are official members of the Constellations team of operatives.

The first graduating class of thirteen heroes had been relegated to search-and-rescue missions and dealing with criminal elements that were troubling law enforcement agencies.  Use of America’s heroic generation abroad was stalled due to the quagmire that international relations had become in the wake of the new superpowers arms race.  Gold Gladiator’s call to arms against The-Many-Who-Are-One was the Constellations first appearance on the international stage.

Under the leadership of Major Ursa, the Constellations were successful in the take down of the extraterrestrial horror and in saving of all captured United Nations members, though some were worse for wear, made the world take notice of the power in the hands of not only America’s youth, but empowered children world wide.  The Constellations moved from America’s future to the official protectors of Earth under the sponsorship of the U.N.  The team was expanded with foreign member and became fully global using the old Secret Soldiers base, the Strato-Sphere, as their mobile headquarters.

Tasked with monitoring and protecting Earth from further extraterrestrial invasion and watching the movements of other, less friendly Earth-bound extranormal individuals, the Constellations have become a point of interest around the world.  The Man of the Moon observes them with distant concern from his lunar lair, while the U.S. government, none too pleased with the loss of their superhuman army, watches with growing concern.  America’s anxiety has been addressed with the re-establishment of the Secret Soldier iniaitive beginning with…

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