20 – Blue Bazooka

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… continued from Character #19, Major Ursa & the Constellations…


Mary Beedle enlisted in the U.S. army shortly before the Gulf War.  She served with distinction and was selected for duty in secret superhuman operations directed by General Rocky Johnson, operations that neither side of the conflict will ever to admit to occurring.  Inspired and envious of the powers of those she supported, Pvt. Beedle wanted to be a hero.  During a raid on a reported extraterrestrial armament facility in the rocky wastelands of Iraq, Mary became pinned down by fire and out of ammunition.  Looking around for a weapon, she came across what looked like a mirror-polished chrome bazooka.  Her armed assailants closing in, she grasped the weapon, rose and fired.

The weapon whirred, clicked and then let loose an explosive blast of sapphire concussive energy took out her attackers, the side of bunker and most of the western face of a nearby mountain. The strange silver housing absorbed what must have been incredible amounts of force, leaving Pvt. Beedle standing unmoved from where she fired with a mixed look of shock and glee.

The weapon was taken to General Johnson and, after failed testing due to what men in white lab coats called a “genomic identification lock”, given back to Pvt. Beedle.  Beedle was given additional training and armaments, some terrestrial some not, and the unimaginative codename BLUE BAZOOKA as the first member of General Rocky “Enforcer” Johnson’s Secret Soldiers.  The Man of the Moon later identified Blue Bazooka’s weapon as a modified thruster engine for a sub-light speed orbital craft favored by intergalactic arms smugglers.  This was not the last extraterrestrial artifact to end up in the hands of man.  In the mid 1990s, for example, a meteor erupted out of the Earth, ultimately creating…

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