21 – Red Giant & the Solar Sword

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… continued from Character #20, Blue Bazooka…

… the RED GIANT!

Alden Barron was working as a farm hand on an Iowan farm plowing a field when the saucers streaked across the sky.  The trio of disks came to stand still after an impossibly quick stop and hovered over a grouping of silos adjacent to the ethanol plant run by the farm.  Blue circular ports on the under side of the vehicles began to glow and blue skinned humanoids armored in gleaming silver metal armed with silver rifles crackling with energy.  Barron looked on in shock as the invaders turned their weapons on everything in their paths, letting loose bolts of lightning smiting anyone caught in their line of sight.  Amidst this show of power the ground shook knocking Alden to the ground, still a safe distance from the chaos.

True to their United Nation’s sanctioned word, a contingency of Constellation agents arrived at the scene and joined the alien attackers in battle.  Another quake shook the ground toppling a silo full of grain.  Constellation agents were distracted from the fighting to save a group of trapped farmers and engineers.  The weapons of the intruders once again began to fire and wreak havoc.  This time, however, their electrifying volleys were joined by massive beams of intense light from their hovering saucers that gouged massive trenches in the ground.  Again the ground shook.  It shook for a long time with increasing intensity ending with a large fiery boulder erupting from the ground landing near a thrown Alden Barron.

Barron looked over and saw the broken remains of the Earth-born missile.  Among the shattered remains of rock was a golden gear-like wheel.  The aliens saw it too.  All three flying disks moved toward the wheel and Alden.  They were thrown backwards off course by an unseen force.  On the ground, armed alien infantry was likewise knocked back, many falling into freshly wrought trenches.  This time the cause of their misfortune was obvious as the Man of the Moon descended from the air with his staff held high with the Forbiddenaut not far behind.  The lunar hero pointed at Alden and told him to protect the Solar Sword, indicating the golden gear.  Alden moved into position just as a rifle wielding invader charged from the opposite side.  Alden reached the wheel first, but slipped and fell onto it.

The golden wheel was still excruciatingly hot from its journey through Earth’s interior but Alden did not notice.  Alden Barron was consumed in blinding light as crimson fire exploded from his body.  Alden began to grow in size becoming a hulking thirty feet tall giant with burning hot skin.  The golden sun-like gear had also changed, shifting and releasing a blazing massive blade burning with the same energies that coursed through Alden’s transformed body.  The Man of the Moon looked on impassively and directed the confused Barron to aid in fighting the enemy.

Leaving smoldering foot prints behind, the RED GIANT made short work of the three flying alien craft, cleaving them in twain with his flaming sword.  The ground troops tried to escape the wrath of this new foe only to be captured by Constellation heroes.

The Man of the Moon identified the captured blue-skinned warriors as Donarrians who search the universe for artifacts to use in their eternal wars.  Alden has been linked to the Solar Sword, which he carries strapped to his back, and can become the fiery Red Giant at will.  Alden has a new life as a member of the Enforcer’s new Secret Soldiers.

Not all new extra-normal humans have such patriotic blood running through their veins.  Take, for instance, the case of…

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